Sets of Constriction Rings

Constriction rings are used in order to improve the quality of erections. 

These can either be used independently or in conjunction with other forms of treatments:
· Oral Medication
· Penile Injections
· Vacuum Devices

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Available Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

There are many erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments to help treat this issue. These can be non-invasive and non-surgical or can involve penile implants depending on the severity and needs of the patient.

For all the options, it is essential that you discuss the options with your doctor who will help you understand the pros and cons of each, or refer you for appropriate guidance or treatment. Depending on the extent of the problem and any related medical conditions, your doctor can often advise the right treatment for you.

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Using ED Pumps and Constriction Rings safely

An erectile dysfunction pump is a simple device that helps an individual get and maintain an erection. This device is straightforward to use, is non-invasive, does not need ingestion of any medication and is safe to use.

To ensure complete safety, there are a few things we suggest a user should remember.

  • First and the foremost, if you are using an ED pump for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is always better to consult a doctor. (ED pumps can be used for non-medical purposes as well)
  • Always read all the instructions carefully if you are using a pump for the first time, or just to check you are using it correctly.

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Can Using an Erectile Dysfunction Ring Treat Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence as it is also commonly known, involves difficulty in getting erections or maintaining them long enough for sexual intercourse. The reasons can be many, not always physical.

Very often, medications alone do not help all cases of ED, and these can also come with unwanted side effects. In some cases, prescription medications can be inappropriate due to other medical conditions present too. In such cases, medical devices may be particularly helpful for ED.

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Find stock of vacuum therapy lubricant

Lubricant is an essential part of vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction.

We have already seen in the previous post how a vacuum pump works. The role of a lubricant is very important in getting the constriction ring in place without causing discomfort to the user. Once the penis is erect with the help of the pump, the application of lubricant makes it easier to slide the retaining band down onto the base of the penis. In the absence of lubricant, sliding the band into place can cause discomfort due to friction.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Vacuum Devices - Do They Really Work?

Vacuum erection devices work by assisting the user in getting and maintaining an erection for the purpose of having successful and pleasurable intercourse.

But, do they help in treating erectile dysfunction completely?

For a mild or moderate condition, a penis pump is usually a successful and long term solution used on its own.

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What are vacuum erection assistance devices?

Vacuum erection assistance devices provide a simple solution to erectile dysfunction. These devices are non-invasive, simple to use and do not have any side effects.
Mechanical vacuum pumps are used to help men with erectile dysfunction to get and then maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the brain fails to send the right signals to fill the blood vessels in the penis. Usually, a male gets an erection when the brain sends a signal relaxing the arteries and allowing blood to flow into the penis. The veins then close to trap the blood in the penis, causing it to expand and harden. Erectile dysfunction results when these impulses are not right or when there is a restriction to the blood flow to the penis due to another reason.

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What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer may show different symptoms amongst different men. But these symptoms can be caused by other problems as well, such as prostatitis which is an infection and swelling of the prostate, benign prostatic hypertrophy, diabetes or due to side effects of certain medicines.

Similarly, erectile dysfunction which can be a symptom of prostate cancer can also be caused by factors such as diabetes, smoking, cardiovascular disease or just because of age. 

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What is Vacuum therapy lubricant and what are its advantages

A vacuum therapy lubricant is used with the erectile dysfunction device to form a seal with the pump. A small quantity is placed on the inside of the pump to form a seal which makes it easier to achieve an erection.

A water based lubricant is always the best option to use with your vacuum therapy system. There are quite a few oil-based lubricants available, however these can react with the materials in the support rings..........

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How is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treated?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that is very commonly faced by many men of all ages. The causes can be different, and the issue can be temporary or permanent.
Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical or psychological problems and can be cured by medical and surgical treatments. However, these solutions are invasive, time-consuming and costly.

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Physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is a problem which involves difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection.

Of all the sexual health conditions in men, this is one of the most common problems. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of this problem, and it can affect men of any age. Causes can be anything ranging from anxiety and stress to surgery, tiredness or lifestyle choices and a number of physical issues.

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