What is Vacuum therapy lubricant and what are its advantages

A vacuum therapy lubricant is used with the erectile dysfunction device to form a seal with the pump. A small quantity is placed on the inside of the pump to form a seal which makes it easier to achieve an erection.

A water based lubricant is always the best option to use with your vacuum therapy system. There are quite a few oil-based lubricants available, however these can react with the materials in the support rings, cylinder or other parts of the system, thus reducing their life. A spoilt support ring can be uncomfortable to wear and will possibly be ineffective or even break.

Here are some of the advantages of a water-based lubricant:
·         Water-based lubricants can be washed off easily
·         They have a cooling and soothing effect.
·         Maintains hygiene 
·         Reduces friction
·         Creates fluid seals
·         Promotes healthy and long equipment life

At Farnhurst Elite, our silky smooth, water based lubricant comes in a pack of two bottles. This water based solution has good moisturising and skin soothing properties. It is condom compatible, comes in a convenient pump top bottle. It is pH balanced, odourless, non staining and long lasting. 

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