What is the connection between diabetes and ED?

The medical condition of (Erectile Dysfunction) ED may be experienced by a person suffering from diabetes. However, this problem is not inevitable and does not happen in every case.
How are the two problems related?
Diabetes may cause ED in a person if any of its effects impede the blood supply to the penis. This problem can be faced if the nerves controlling the erection are damaged in any way. For a person suffering from diabetes, blood sugar levels are not managed properly. It affects the nervous system as well as the blood circulation.
The problem of ED lies with the blood vessels and veins that are responsible for achieving an erection. When the brain sends signals to the blood vessels in the penis, the arteries respond by relaxing and allowing the blood to flow in. The veins then close to trap the blood in the penis, which makes it expand and harden. Anything that interferes with these impulses can result in erectile dysfunction.
Blood sugar levels that aren’t controlled well may damage the small blood vessels or nerves. The damage to the nerves that are responsible for an erection can hamper an individual’s ability to get a firm erection.
If the blood flow or supply is reduced due to any reason from the damaged blood vessels, for instance, that can contribute to ED as well.
Hopefully this helps explain how diabetes and ED are related. It is however not always the case, and ED is not an inevitable outcome of diabetes. Notwithstanding, a person suffering from diabetes is more likely to suffer from this issue than some who does not.
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