What are the general causes of ED?

ED or Erectile Dysfunction can be the result of several different reasons other than the better known physical causes. These are the kind of causes that can be easily treated with lifestyle changes or simple non-invasive solutions such as vacuum therapy.
There are quite a few drugs that as a side effect can cause ED. If you have started taking any new medication, even something as common as blood pressure or pain medications, it could very well be a cause of ED. If you are suddenly going through this problem, are on or have started taking medication, talk to your doctor about the possible side effects.
Non-Prescription Drugs
Drugs such as cocaine and marijuana can also cause sexual problems in men. The causes are less known, and due to the unregulated nature of these drugs, it will always be harder to ascertain the effect. But do consider the possible side effects that may cause or contribute to ED.
Depression, Anxiety and Stress
This remains one of the most common causes of ED. When suffering from depression, it can dampen desires and in turn, lead to ED. Alternatively, stress and even performance anxiety could also affect you and lead to ED problems.
Smoking and Alcohol
Long term smoking and heavy alcohol intake can temporarily cause ED. As with the many other well-known health risks associated with tobacco and alcohol, this is something to consider reducing or even stopping to stop the ED effects that may be suffered.
Obesity can not only lower self-esteem but also cause ED problems. Obese men may have lower levels of testosterone, which is important for producing an erection. It can also cause high blood pressure which causes the arteries to harden, which in turn could reduce blood flow to the penis.
These are some of the causes of ED that are unrelated to any medical condition. Timely intervention and treatment options such as lifestyle changes can often reverse ED. You can also consider vacuum treatment as a temporary treatment that can effectively help solve this problem.
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