What are the early signs of ED?

Is erectile dysfunction only about getting an erection? No. The early signs of the onset of ED can be many. It can even start with the inability to get but not maintain an erection.
What are the most common early symptoms of erectile dysfunction?
Difficulty in getting an Erection
One of the most common signs of ED is experiencing trouble getting an erection. If you notice a sudden change in getting erections which is frequently happening, it might be a cause for concern. If just a one-off occurrence, it is unlikely to be an issue. Difficulty in getting an erection can also be stress or anxiety-related. But if it starts happening frequently, it is better to consult a physician.
Soft Erections
Soft erections can be another sign of the onset of ED.
Difficulty in maintaining an erection
Getting an erection but having difficulty maintaining it, maybe worth investigating.
Change in the angle of the erect penis
In case you notice a sudden change in the way you get an erection, it is better to get it checked. Change in the angle of the erection is not normal.
Reduced Sensitivity
If you are noticing reduced penile sensitivity, it can be a symptom of ED.
Reduced Girth
Less girth in your erections frequently is also a cause for concern, it is better to get checked.
These are some of the possible symptoms of the onset of ED. These are not definitive and are just guidance. We suggest that any change you notice that is not one-off and not normal should be checked by a doctor. More information is available on our About Impotence page.
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