What are the diagnostic tests for ED?

For a person suffering from ED, if there isn’t an underlying condition behind the onset of the issue, a physical examination and answers about the medical history of a person is all it takes for a doctor to diagnose the issue and recommend a line of treatment. However, in the case of chronic health conditions or if your doctor suspects that an underlying condition might be involved, you might need further tests or a consultation with a specialist.

What are some of the diagnostic tests that can be used to detect underlying conditions?

· Physical examination: A physical examination includes an examination of the penis and testicles along with a thorough check up of your nerves for sensation.
· Blood tests: Blood tests give a better insight into any signs of diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone levels and any other such health conditions that could be a cause for concern.
· Urine test: Urinalysis like blood tests can identify signs which point towards underlying health conditions.
· Ultrasound: An ultrasound test involves use of a transducer that is held over the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. This will reveal any blood flow problems. This test can be done in combination with other medications or injections into the penis to stimulate blood flow and produce an erection.
· Psychological exam: This is an important aspect that is often overlooked. Your doctor will ask questions to check for any signs of depression, stress or anxiety that could be a possible psychological cause of erectile dysfunction.

These are some of the tests that can be done to identify the cause behind ED. There are a number of treatments that can effectively treat the problem of ED. Vacuum therapy system is one of the most common solutions that can be of help when the condition isn’t triggered due to some severe problem. As well as this there are other solutions such as medications, injections and in severe cases implants and surgeries.

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