Vacuum Therapy Devices under NHS

Vacuum pumps and constrictor rings available with us for erectile dysfunction are prescribable on NHS for ED treatment under the Selected List Scheme for men. These devices and products are listed in part IXA of the Drug Tariff.

Individuals with any of the following conditions are Eligible:
·      Diabetes
·      Multiple sclerosis
·      Parkinson’s disease
·      Poliomyelitis
·      Prostate cancer
·      Pelvic injury
·      Single gene neurological diseases
·      Spina bifida
·      Spinal cord injury
·      Prostatectomy (including Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)
·      Renal failure treated by transplant or dialysis
·      Kidney transplant

Our Elite Erectile Dysfunction Manual Vacuum Therapy Systems help the user manage ED in a very discreet and affordable way at home. This therapy system is made out of medical-grade plastic which is long-lasting and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and travel.

The Elite Vacuum Therapy Plus System & Pressure Gauge allows you to monitor the vacuum monitored visually. This is recommended for those with little or no sensation at all.

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