Vacuum Therapy Device to Enlarge Penis?

A vacuum therapy device is one of the most commonly used supporting devices for the treatment of ED. While there are a number of ways in which this device can be used for the treatment of ED or in conjunction with medicines to treat the cause, a common notion that is often believed is that it also helps in increasing the size of the penis.
While a vacuum therapy device helps maintain the size and shape of the penis, especially after surgery, it cannot alter the size of the penis. There are no scientific facts that support this theory and it isn’t medically proven. If you have ever come across such misleading articles claiming a device can achieve this, remember that it is likely nothing more than a marketing gimmick and results will not be guaranteed.
Vacuum pumps can be used in situations other than medical causes. These cases include:
·   Lack of blood flow to the penis
·   Excess blood outflow from the penis during erection
·   Lack of control on the erection reflex due to nerve damage
In such cases, an ED pump comes in handy as it helps maintain an erection long enough for intercourse. Since ED pumps are safe to use without any long-term side effects, they are sometimes recommended as anxiety-based ED treatments as well. Listed above are the only uses of ED pumps and these cannot be used for any ulterior motives like penis enlargement.