Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not only about getting an erection. The symptoms of ED can vary from person to person. 

Here is a quick look at the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction:
· Difficulty in getting an erection
· Difficulty in maintaining an erection
· Soft Erections  
· Change in the angle of the erect penis 
· Reduced Sensitivity 
· Change in or reduced girth of the erection

These are some of the possible symptoms of the onset of ED. These are not definitive and are just for the sake of guidance. If you notice a sudden, persistent change pertaining to any of these symptoms, it might be a cause for concern. But do consider that at times, stress and pressures could also lead to one-off occurrences. These usually aren’t a cause for concern and are unlikely to be a major issue. However, the moment you notice symptoms that are frequently occurring, consulting a doctor is essential.

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