Spina Bifida and ED

Spina bifida (SB) is a type of neural tube congenital disability wherein the spinal cord and the spine do not form properly. A neural tube is a structure in the developing embryo that later becomes the baby's spinal cord, brain, and the tissues around them. The neural tube forms at the onset of the pregnancy and closes by the 28th day after conception. But with babies with spina bifida, a neural tube portion does not close or develop properly, which causes defects in the spinal cord and spine bones.
Spina bifida can be from a mild issue to a severe problem. Early treatment can involve surgery but does not always resolve the problem completely.

Spina bifida can lead to many neurological implications, infertility, and decreased sexual function. The severity of reproductive or sexual dysfunction correlates with the level of spinal cord lesion and the presence of hydrocephalus.
ED is a clear problem for men with SB. Erections appear to depend on the level of spinal lesions. Those with lesions under T10 have higher erection rates. However, there are barely 14% of patients with above T10 lesions who can have erections.
Although patients with low lesions are capable of erections, there are around 75% who are not satisfied with the rigidity of the penis.
Maintaining erections also could be an issue amongst such men. However, invasive surgery is not always the solution amongst these patients. Since most of the patients have upper extremities that are functional, malleable, and inflatable penile prosthetics can have satisfactory results. These can be acceptable alternatives in case medical management does not work.
The use of injectables or vacuum erection devices could also be a solution. Vacuum therapy could be an alternative for those with low lesions but unsatisfactory erections. Farnhurst Elite has developed a medically approved and discreet vacuum pump - also available on an NHS prescription. Browse and buy discreetly online or get in touch for more information.