Sets of Constriction Rings

Constriction rings are used in order to improve the quality of erections. 

These can either be used independently or in conjunction with other forms of treatments:
· Oral Medication
· Penile Injections
· Vacuum Devices

Constricting rings help reduce the venous outflow from the penis. This helps in improving the quality of erections and can also help the erections last longer. For those who are able to obtain partial erections but unable to maintain them, constriction rings might be a solution.

At Farnfurst Elite, we have constriction ring sets available in packs of 5 rings. These can be either bought as a pack of rings of multiple sizes or as packs of a particular size. We also have a set with a cone applicator.

All out products are NHS approved and have a PIP code enabling them to be ordered on a prescription through your doctor.

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