Pelvic Surgery and Impotence

Pelvic surgery is amongst the common causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Pelvic surgery may have an impact on the nerves leading to an effect on the sexual function. ED after pelvic surgery has always been an under-reported cause of ED. 

The reasons for sexual dysfunction following a pelvic surgery could be either due to vascular or neurogenic factors independently or due to a combination of both. Pelvic Surgeries that could lead to ED are:
    •    Radical prostatectomy
    •    Radical cystoprostatectomy
    •    Low anterior or abdominoperineal resections for rectal cancer 
    •    Other colorectal surgeries

These surgeries can result in the loss of daily or nocturnal erections. This results in the failure of cavernous oxygenation as well as secondary erectile tissue damage. It can result in a reduction in penile girth or length in the initial few months post-surgery. Timely treatment for ED in such cases can reduce or completely prevent any such damage.

Does vacuum therapy help?

Vacuum therapy, in conjunction with medication, has had satisfactory effects post-surgery. Research has shown that with early use, as early as one month after surgery, has been linked with positive outcomes in quite a few cases.

Benefits of Vacuum therapy:

    •    Can start after 4-8 weeks post surgery
    •    Medication can be avoided
    •    Non-invasive
    •    No side effects
    •    Easiest to use as compared to others
    •    Cost-effective and can even be available under prescription form the NHS.

Apart from this option, other intense therapy options can help with the problem of ED post pelvic surgery. Please browse through our website to learn more.