Myths Busted: Vacuum Therapy Pumps to Enlarge Penis

Vacuum therapy pumps can be used by anyone to treat medical causes of erectile dysfunction. But, as informative as it can be, the internet is also an amazing source of misinformation.


It is likely that you have seen the false claims making rounds on the internet about how a vacuum therapy pump can be used to enlarge a penis. While a vacuum therapy pump will help you maintain the size and shape of the penis, after surgery especially, it will certainly not make it any bigger. Using a vacuum therapy pump in a futile attempt to make it bigger may even cause injury in some cases.


When are vacuum pumps useful apart from medical causes?
·   Less blood flow into the penis
·   Excess out flow of blood from the penis during erection
·   Lack of control on the erection reflex due to nerve damage


Since ED pumps are absolutely safe to use and do not have long term side effects, these are sometimes recommended for anxiety-based ED treatments as well. These are the sole uses of ED pumps and these cannot be used for any ulterior motive like penis enlargement.