Importance of right sized Constriction Rings

To understand the importance of constriction rings first let us understand the importance of their function in vacuum therapy for dysfunction.

A constriction ring is an elastic ring that helps a man maintain erection. Now how does this work? It is important to first know what the science behind the entire process is. Once a man becomes sexually aroused, the penis fills with blood which makes it firm enough for intercourse. Once the blood enters the penis via the arteries, the veins constrict in order to hold the blood inside. This makes the erection stay firm until ejaculation. ED may have an effect on these veins, causing them to be unable to constrict enough, resulting in the loss of erection.

This is where a constriction ring comes into the picture. It is worn at the base of the penis and does the work of the nerves to help the penis hold the blood inside. Therefore, it’s clear why finding the right sized rings is important. A constriction ring that is not tight enough will not do its job of holding the blood inside the penis. On the other hand a ring that is too tight might cause numbness and irritation.

Constriction rings are available in 5 different sizes hence determining the correct size is important. For many, finding the right size for their penis is a matter of trial and error. The best fit is the one which applies enough pressure to keep the blood from flowing out without causing any pain or irritation.

At Farnhurst Elite, we have constriction ring sets available in packs of 5. These can be purchased in a pack containing multiple sizes, which is handy if you are unsure and need to find the correct size. Once you are sure of the size, you can then order packs of correctly sized rings. Visit us to have a look at our range of products.