How Effective are Vacuum Pumps for ED?

Vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction is one of the most commonly recommended solutions, especially for those suffering from milder forms of the condition.
Thanks to their numerous benefits, vacuum therapy pumps are an accepted form of ED treatment, however, they aren’t suitable for everyone. For some the use of the vacuum therapy device can be quite awkward and its results less-than natural. Vacuum therapy is a non-medical and non-invasive form of therapy and as effective as it can be, it might not always be the right solution to suit everyone’s lifestyle.
What is the main drawback of using a penis pump?
The use of a vacuum therapy device requires you to apply the device manually before intercourse which impacts the level of spontaneity that many people enjoy in their physical relationships. If you have a partner who is empathetic or if you are in a long-term relationship with an understanding partner, this should work out well. Your relationship with your partner, comfort levels, understanding and support is very important for the success of this therapy. Vacuum therapy might not be for someone who craves spontaneity as it comes with the inconvenience of manual application which for some could make it one of the last resorts.
But in most cases, the success rate of a vacuum pump device is quite high and it offers an effective solution for many people suffering from ED allowing them to enjoy a relatively normal sex life.