Heart Disease and ED

There is definitely a link between ED and heart disease. There have been quite a few studies so far that have shown that an individual suffering from ED, may also be at risk of having heart disease. Studies have also shown that 57% of men who have undergone a bypass procedure and 64% of individuals hospitalised for a heart attack have at some point in time suffered from ED.

While ED cannot be a cause for heart disease, it can certainly be an indicator that an individual could have heart disease symptoms in the coming years, especially when the root cause does not point to other reasons. Atherosclerosis is often the cause of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular conditions. One result of this disease is the accumulation of plaque inside arteries.

The effect that this has on an individual’s health depends on the specific tissue or organ that the affected artery nourishes. Atherosclerosis in arteries supplying blood to the penis can cause ED. ED can hence serve as a barometer for overall health and it could well be an early warning sign of heart trouble or some other related issue.

So while ED cannot be the cause of heart disease or vice versa, these two are certainly interlinked.

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