Finding the Right Constriction Ring

Constriction rings are available in 5 different sizes, however, determining the correct size of constriction ring can be a little difficult. For many. finding the right constriction ring size for the penis is a matter of trial and error. When choosing a constriction ring, there are two important factors that need to be taken into consideration:

·  Size of the ring
·  Amount of tension it provides

The best fit is the one that applies enough pressure to keep the blood from flowing out without causing any pain or irritation. To begin with, if you are unsure of the fit, it is advisable to go for an adjustable or flexible silicone ring. The measurement of the ring is provided by the manufacturers in terms of the inside diameter of the penis ring that fits over the penis. Whilst it is obviously difficult to measure the diameter of a penis, it is easy to measure the circumference, which then allows you to calculate the diameter. There are many online calculators available which you can use to convert the measurement of the circumference to the diameter.

At Farnhurst Elite, we have constriction ring sets available in packs of 5. These can be purchased in a pack containing multiple sizes, which is handy if you are unsure and need to find the correct size. Once you are sure of the size, you can then order packs of correctly sized rings. Each pack of rings can also be bought with a cone applicator, which many people find eases the process of putting on the constriction ring. All of our products are NHS approved and have a PIP code enabling them to be ordered on a prescription via your doctor.

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