Find stock of vacuum therapy lubricant

Lubricant is an essential part of vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction.

We have already seen in the previous post how a vacuum pump works. The role of a lubricant is very important in getting the constriction ring in place without causing discomfort to the user. Once the penis is erect with the help of the pump, the application of lubricant makes it easier to slide the retaining band down onto the base of the penis. In the absence of lubricant, sliding the band into place can cause discomfort due to friction.

Our silky water-based lubricant at Farnhurst Elite comes with moisturising and skin soothing properties. This water based lubricant is condom compatible too. The bottle comes with a convenient pump top, which is easy to use.

Here are some of the features of our Vacuum Therapy Lubricant:
It is pH balanced
Long lasting
Will not cause any skin irritation
Condom compatible

Our vacuum therapy lubricant comes in a pack of 2. Visit our website for more details, and to discreetly order online.