Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Vacuum Devices - Do They Really Work?

Vacuum erection devices work by assisting the user in getting and maintaining an erection for the purpose of having successful and pleasurable intercourse.

But, do they help in treating erectile dysfunction completely?

For a mild or moderate condition, a penis pump is usually a successful and long term solution used on its own.
For severe erectile dysfunction (ED), a vacuum pump used as a standalone solution cannot be expected to produce a long term solution. Vacuum erection devices, in this case, are a temporary and/or complementary solution. However, when used in conjunction with medication, vacuum therapy can be very effective with long term benefits.

Penis pumps or vacuum devices can help support penile tissue health. One of the major side effects of prostate surgery is the reduction in the size of the penis and a penis pump can help here in maintaining the penis length and size post surgery.

It has also been observed that using a penis pump can help in maintaining penis size and length in normal situations as well. Vacuum erection devices can help to preserve erectile function and help in getting better erections that can become problematic with age. This is because the use of a penis pump improves oxygenation of penile tissues and enhances blood flow to the penis. Also helping in reducing the chances of formation of cavernosal fibrosis which is the presence of abnormal fibrous tissue in the penis.

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices provide a solution for a number of issues. This therapy can be effectively used on its own or together with prescribed medication to deal with severe erectile dysfunction problems.

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