Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Aging.

Erectile dysfunction is far more common than you would think. Although an individual can suffer at any time in their life, it is more common as you grow old. When it is age-related, appropriate treatment at the right time can help curb the issue and also ensure that it does not worsen further.

Age-specific ED can be linked to arterial disease. It can also be due to dysfunction or loss of the corporal smooth muscle cells (SMC). These cells are responsible for retaining the blood in the penis when it is erect. With age, these cells continue to degrade and eventually disappear without timely intervention. The onset of ED is thought to commence when around 15% of these cells get affected. Age-related ED can be controlled with a therapeutic regime. 

Vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction is one of the solutions for age-related ED. This noninvasive therapy can be used in combination with medication to overcome this problem and is also available on a prescription from the NHS. When identified early, at the onset of this problem, patients can make use of this vacuum device to have and retain an erection for the purpose of intercourse.

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