Erectile dysfunction and Covid-19: What are the odds?

Several studies have ascertained the risk of developing ED after a bout of Covid-19 amongst men. However, as the research relating to Covid-19 is still an ongoing process, it is too soon to determine whether the impact it has on the body is long term or short term. According to research, determining whether the damage will be temporary or permanent will take some significant amount of time and study.
Research highlights that the association between ED and Covid-19 comes from certain shared risk factors for both conditions. The occurrence and intensity of both Covid-19 and ED are higher amongst those suffering from problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. ED and vascular effects are interconnected and Covid-19 can cause hyper-inflammation throughout the body. Blood supply to the penis is a prerequisite for normal functionality and the virus can worsen vascular condition eventually leading to ED.
Psychological factor plays an important role in normal sexual activity amongst men. However, stress, depression and anxiety caused due to the pandemic and the state of mind of COVID survivors can be linked to dysfunction.  ED is a marker of good health. The virus can cause a number of health issues and lead to overall poor health which can be a cause for concern for general complications as well as ED.
While the researchers understand that there are a number of different ways in which the virus can cause erectile dysfunction, it is still early to come up with definitive answers and a lot more research is required for proper conclusions.