Erectile Dysfunction & Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the build-up cholesterol, fats, calcium and other substances in and on the artery walls that is reffered to as plaque. A severe build up obstructs the blood flow, and can increase the risk of blood clots and other asscoiated medical complications. Atherosclerosis does not show symptoms until the plaque either restricts the blood flow or ruptures, leading to other conditions.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused when there is a reduced inflow of blood to the penis for it to maintain an erection. There can be several reasons behind this. Erectile dysfunction does not always indicate the presence of a heart problem or Atherosclerosis. However, there have been several research studies that suggest that men having ED without any evident cause, and are without any heart problem symptoms should get screened for heart disease and Atherosclerosis before commencing any treatment.
In such cases, there could be a strong link between ED and heart disease. Some recent studies have shown that an individual with ED is at a greater risk of having heart disease. These studies have also shown that 57% of bypass surgery patients and 64% of men hospitalised for a heart attack had, at a certain point, faced ED. Having ED could point towards potential heart disease symptoms in the future.
Having ED can identify other risk factors for heart disease, and should be considered with family history and lifestyle. Being vigilant is important, there are many reasons behind ED, most are treatable and many not serious, however it is sensible to examine all other linked causes.

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