Constriction Rings for Erectile Dysfunction

Constriction rings can be used to improve the quality of erections. These can either be used independently or in conjunction with other forms of treatments:
·         Oral Medication
·         Penile Injections
·         Vacuum Devices

Constriction rings are an essential accessory of a vacuum therapy device. The Vacuum therapy device generally includes the following:
·         Cylinder
·         Vacuum pump
·         Lubricant
·         Shut off valve
·         Constriction rings

Once the erection is achieved with the help of the cylinder and vacuum pump, the constriction band is then worn around the base of the penis to help maintain the erection during intercourse. These constriction rings however can also be used independently when an individual can achieve erection but cannot maintain it. But this independent use depends on whether the person can achieve an erection or not.

Constriction rings are generally safe to use. One should remove the ring in the case of experiencing any of the following symptoms:
·         Pain
·         Tingling feeling, a feeling of numbness or pins and needles
·         Unusual bulging or swelling
·         Discoloration
·         Bruising of penis

It is important that the ring chosen fits properly and it should not be worn for longer than 30 minutes at a time.
Vacuum pumps and constrictor rings are prescribable on NHS for ED treatment under the Selected List Scheme for men. These devices and products are listed in part IXA of the Drug Tariff. At Farnhurst Elite, we have constriction ring sets, each including 5 rings each. These can be either bought as a pack of rings of multiple sizes or as packs of a particular size. We also have a set with a cone applicator.  Visit our website to have a look at the different products.