Can Nerve Damage Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is satisfactory enough for sexual performance. For an individual to get an erection, the nerves must function properly since the stimulus originates from them. Damaged or pinched nerves can lead to erectile dysfunction issues. There are several reasons that could cause damage to the nerves - diabetes, spinal cord or specific nerve injuries, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, prostate surgery pelvic operations etc.
An erection is a neurovascular event. Hence any dysfunction or disease that affects the brain or spinal cord, cavernous and pudendal nerves can induce the problem of ED. Neurological diseases, however, do not always affect erections in a uniform manner when compared to some other types of sexual dysfunction. This makes the understanding of the role the nervous system in ED a little tricky. Consequently, the treatment options aren’t always straightforward and depend a lot on finding out the root cause of the problem.
To treat ED related to nerve damage, assessments of function and related factors need to be investigated since ED in affected individuals is often multifactorial in origin.
So to answer the original question, yes, nerve damage can be a cause of ED.
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