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About Impotence

Impotence is a common problem which affects at least one in every ten men. The nightmare that impotence conjures up can be dispelled at once with our medically approved external vacuum therapy system.

We all seek a quality of life and a major part of this stems from a true and loving relationship but this is not possible under the cloud of impotence. No longer need the feeling of inadequacy cause concern. Even if impotence is not a permanent problem there are times when stress, anxiety or tiredness overwhelms the desire to perform. At these times Farnhurst Elite vacuum therapy system will provide the solution.

Causes of Impotence

Impotence can be temporary or permanent and is mainly caused by physical problems but can also have a psychological origin. Some physical causes include diabetes, surgery in the pelvic area such as prostate, bladder or rectal, spinal cord injuries, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and medications. Psychological reasons can include depression, anxiety and stress.

Examples of physically caused impotence
Vascular disorders:
Heart disease
High Cholesterol
Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
Nerve Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Spinal Injury
Pelvic Injury
Pelvic Surgery. Especially of the prostate
Extreme groin injury
Radiation treatment for prostate or colon cancer
More than 200 prescription drugs are know to cause impotence, including some high blood pressure medicines, anti depressants and high cholesterol treatments.

Vacuum Therapy Solution

The Farnhurst Elite has been medically accepted as a discreet, safe and easy to use External Vacuum Therapy solution. This product has been designed with both you and your partner in mind so that once again you may enjoy a memorable experience.


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